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Temple Run 2 Patch

If you ever wanted unlimited coins and gems with all objectives completed and all characters unlocked, then this is right place.

Here’s the link of the apk : http://www.omerjerk.byethost8.com/TempleRun2Patch.apk

you can contribute to the source code also : https://github.com/omerjerk/templeRun2Patch


4 thoughts on “Temple Run 2 Patch

  1. Dont know if you can help or put me in touch with an app developer thats not to expensive but if you are able fantastic. thank you.

  2. Omer….
    I was just looking at the code but could not find how you calculate the hash of the JSON string in the gamedata.txt. I am sure it is MD5 but not sure exactly how it is calculated. Can elaborate on that?

    • I don’t calculate hash of the JSON string. Even I don’t know how they calculate the md5 hash. I just replace my gamedata file to the host phone.

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